While playing with my volume knob I noticed that it was causing some scratches to come out of my amp. So I found out that there was a loose wire that just snapped off some time ago... I tried to fix it...

Now the "slot" I had to sodler (in the toggle switch) for my bridge pickup is covered in solder and my wires are badly damaged. My bridge pickup works now but... I still got the scratches. I guess I did a bad job really...

So my question is : is it bad if that slot thingy in the toggleswitch's is covered in solder?

Also, if possible, could anyone give me any advice on what to do in this situation... And I'm planning on buying new wires.

Thanks in advance

And yeah I used the searchbar...
The switch isn't going to cause the volume knob to be scratchy. You need to clean the pot, or get a new one.
Quote by Roc8995
The switch isn't going to cause the volume knob to be scratchy. You need to clean the pot, or get a new one.

Oooh I see.

To be honest... That makes me feel dumb since it's all covered in solder cause I was retrying again and again since I still had that scratch thing... Well eh, it still makes me feel better, thanks!

But uh about that solder thing... is it bad or it should be alright?
Yup - scratchy knob = clean the pot

With the solder, two primary concerns - shorting and bad connection on the solder joint.

If the solder glob isn't touching anything other than the terminal ("slot") it's soldered to, you're probably don't have a short. The connection should be ok, but you'd just have to test it to find out - if the wire is firmly attached to the terminal and everything seems to work fine other than the scratchiness, I'd call it good for now.

Also, you say the wires are damaged, if this was from when you were soldering I'm guessing it's just that the insulation on the wires that was damaged and not the wires themselves. If so, re-insulate them with some black electrical tape to avoid any future shorts. You should only really have to replace the wires if you damaged the metal filaments themselves.

So try cleaning the pots with a proper electronics cleaner, and go from there. If you do that and everything else works fine, wrap the wires and you should be fine.
If you really don't know what your doing take it to a shop when I had to fix my input jack I made it worse so I took it to a shop all good now lol
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