I was at practice today and all of a sudden my amp starting going berserk. I would get some "radio frequency" type noises, then some cracking/popping. All of my tubes are glowing like they normally do, and I tried two guitars, two cables, and I disconnected all my pedals, so all of those things are out. The amp also has a BRAND NEW Warehouse Reaper speaker! Could it be the input jack in my amp that's doing this?
You might be picking up radio signals. It happens. Or you may be picking up other local electronics.

Did you have a cell phone or another wireless device anywhere nearby? I can't play with my phone in my pocket because it picks it up.
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It's probably a cell phone. I made the mistake of leaving mine on top of my amp during band practice. It was ridiculously loud.
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It's definitely not that. We moved the amp all around the practice space and it continually did it. Besides, the radio signals weren't the biggest problem. I was getting popping/cracking which got worse when I played (I should have said that originally.) IT sounds like a blown speaker, but the speaker appears fine and is brand new.
Did you connect the speaker properly? If not, you may have blown your amp's HT fuse.
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did you have it running through the PA or mic'd? was it just clipping your channel on the mixer in this case? Turn off any TV's and stuff like that too. Otherwise, try a different guitar and cable and see if it still does that. If all of this is ruled out, then you probably want to get that checked.
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