Can anyone explain how to control feedback on guitar? Like in the beginning of Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix. I love the way it sounds and I'd like to utilize it in a song. The help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
You can do a lot of things to control it, standing closer to your amp makes the feedback stronger, some people like to push the guitar into the speaker to just start screeching. Shaking the guitar can do something, I like to hold down a fret on the G string and wait for it to start ringing then slowly bend it
Well, i just have a small 15 watt Peavey Vyper, and I'm too lazy to get down on the gorund to hold to amp. Haha.
Well, you don't really have to get down and grind it into the amp, a lot of volume and some gain will get you the feedback, getting closer will just make it stronger. Hell, you can just stand above the amp if you want
Okay, sweet. Thanks for the help man. By the way, kick ass Reptar avatar. Hahaha.