I'm adding some minor customizations to my guitar to make it look less generic. I love my guitar but I want to make it mine I suppose. I've changed the knobs to black and ordered some black pickup covers . I'm thinking of some sort of darker pickguard but I cant' figure out what would look best. I'm wondering what you guys think.

A Couple Pics, sry bad resolution :/

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do a blackout strat
that or a blue or red pickguard.
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I'm putting a brushed aluminum diamond plate guard on my black Strat. With HH config and Mustang/Jazzmaster-style knobs.

Polished aluminum would match the other hardware better though.

You could also get annodized or powdercoated black, then do the same for your jackplate, trem, whammy bar, and tuners. A black Graphtech Tusq nut, string T, and maybe even saddles, would also go well with the look.

Sharp Concepts is a great source for custom pick guards. They'll make a trem cavity cover for you too, if you like (if you don't just keep it off).

These are the same guys that did Dexter's diamond plate guitars & many more famous guitars.

Or if you have a jigsaw, a drill, and a file, you can cut your own out of a $20 sheet of the stuff from Home Depot.
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I say go down the black anodized pickguard route. WD music do some that are pretty sharp.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.

Not exactly original, but it kicks ass.
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Not exactly original, but it kicks ass.

Hrm, that does look really good. I keep looking into colors but I can't decide on any scheme so black and white variations. I like the all black with some white. I may get some white pickup covers. I really like when the coils are hidden.