Hi, UG community, it's my first time posting here but I've been reading the forums since a while.

I'm probably the millionth guy asking about anchoring but I read the stickied "Guide to all techniques" and I'm still doubting about this.

So, the thing is that when playing I feel really comfortable by resting my wrist on the guitar, when I'm playing slow, doing simple pickings and stuff I can manage to avoid doing that and still play okay.
My problem begins when I'm alt.picking at a fast speed I can't help but resting the wrist on the guitar, because if I lift up the wrist, the accuracy on the picking really drops and it feels quite awkward, when I'm playing the highest strings I place the wrist over the rest of the strings and it helps by muting them, so I may have an excuse to do it there, but when playing the lowest strings (specially the 6th/Low E), my wrist is sitting on the guitar doing nothing and I'd like to know if that could be considered as anchoring.

Obviously I'm talking about my picking hand.

Any kind of help is welcomed and BTW I'm not a native English speaker so if you find any grammar mistakes or stuff, please forgive me.

And by the way, I play right-handed and when I'm sitting I place the guitar on my right leg, is there any problem with that?? cause I've read and heard that I should sit the guitar on my left leg but it feels awkward as hell whenever I try that.
Just stop worrying about it. Anchoring is only a problem when it hinders your playing ability or starts to injure you. Most guitarists touch the guitar with their wrists. Anchoring usually refers to placing one or more fingers on the body below the strings. Just don't worry about it.