Thanks for reading, first off, I'm buying a new guitar (ftw), but I wasn't sure what to get...

Unfortunately, I like in Hicktown, Iowa, and I can't really get to any place to try a guitar, but I'll tell you what I want.

Okay...you know that glossy finish that likes to stick to you when you get a little sweaty...? Yeah, I'd prefer none of that...

Fixed bridge
7-strings (preferred)
24 frets
2 humbuckers
String-through body
Neck through construction (long shot, in my price range...)
Color doesn't matter to me...as long as it's not like...bright pink...

I know, I have high standards...

Anyways, any ideas will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Maybe you could pick up a used Ibanez Xiphos XPT 7 string for around that price. You'd have to block or replace the trem, though.
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Hey mate I know it's out of your budget but this is probably one of the best contenders around http://www.rondomusic.com/septor727tribalbluemn.html

edit: though it has a glossy finish, but some steel wool and careful sanding can get rid of that problem.

I'm a little skeptical about those Agile guitars. Although I've never heard anything bad about them, I've never really heard any good about them either...
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dosent the 7 string xiphos come with a hardtail??
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Non-Prestige Ibanez guitars tend to have no "gloss" on the necks.

Ibanez RG7321 is all I can think of in my tired state, although it's not string-through and is bolt-on.

@jetwash69, the Xiphos has a finished neck.
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Duke: the XPT707FX is hardtail. I thought there was a regular 707 version available because I saw a youtube vid of someone doing whammy abuse on a Xiphos 7-string, but perhaps it was modded, perhaps it was from their custom shop, or maybe it was a prototype. +1 for the New Guy

No.mop: Yeah, they do. Some Xiphoses are available in a flat finish; I'm not sure if the "Grey Chameleon" is flat or gloss. My 6-string is gloss, but I keep the neck polished, so it doesn't have those stickiness issues. Also, as others have mentioned, that's easy to fix anyway.

I use the Gibson spray polish with a microfiber cloth.
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I saw a vid where someone had a 27 fret xiphos with a matte green finish
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Peavey Bandit 112
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