If you're using a preamp, what's the advantage of using a power amp (tone wise) over plugging in the FX return of you're existing amp? I know the power amp will be more flexible (2 channels, etc.) but will there be a difference in tone? Thanks
If the power amp is a different company or different series then yes there is likely to be a difference in tone. But it wont have different tone just because its a rack mount v cabinet unit. You need to give some examples of the amps your talking about.
well like tackleberry said, different brands will have different tones. but if you use a preamp through a recto poweramp, and the same preamp through the fx loop return of a recto, itll probbaly sound about the same
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If the amp is the same brand and same type of poweramp it shouldn't be much of a difference. There might be small variations though.
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Alright I was thinking of buying an Engl preamp and running it through my Fireball; don't feel like buying a power amp if the Fireball power section can do the job.
It will work fine the only differences would really be features. Presence, Resonance, Power levels, Tube types, Master volume control ability and so on. But with the right amp you can get most of this thrown in the mix anyway. Example if the amp has Presence and Resonance to begin with you can use them while connecting into its power section.

Im currently running my Randall RM4 into a Windsor for its el34 power amp section. And it sounds amazing. Also will be doing the same with my Peavey Triples 6l6 power amp section when the new modules for my RM4 come out next year.
I've decided I'll buy an E570 when my Masters is done... will give some motivation to finish
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I've decided I'll buy an E570 when my Masters is done... will give some motivation to finish

I hate you....that thing is badass
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