im pulling my hair out over this. i've been trying to find the answer to my problem everywhere. No one has yet said "That can't be done", so i still have hope. But no one has yet either answered my problem. Ill try and explain this so i dont get the same answers that i already know and etc... here it goes.

Goal: To switch between two amps (eg. clean/dirty) AND switch my pedal board within the effects loops of each amp. To clarify, i have one chain of effects that i want to keep within the effects loop of each amp when i switch between them.

answers that i know are wrong:
a/b/y box is not (entirely) the answer
no, i do not want to move my effects directly into the amp input for obvious tonal reasons
shooting myself prolly might solve my confusion and frustration but id rather not do that either haha.

If you need even more clarity, basically my goal is to have a clean amp such as an ac30 or fender twin for my cleans, and my 5150/orange4x12 for my high gain. i use all the effects in my chain at some point in time for both clean and dirty sounds, so dividing them up wouldnt work and buying a noah's ark of pedals would equally suck.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help!! i'd HATE to sacrifice my effects loop and would rather stick to the sub-par clean channel on my 5150, but please help make this dream a reality. i've been trying to find an answer for months.

midi switcher.
like the voodoo labs ground control plus the guitar audio switcher.
i dunno, something like that.

it does amp a/b'ing plus switches effects, so when routed properly it could work...?
yea i kinda looked into that too, but i feel like thats excessive for such a (seemingly) simple switch. thank you for the reply tho, ill look more into those. if anyone else has any suggestions, lemme know!