Here's my guitar:


Different color, but same specs pretty much. The bridge it comes with is non-adjustable (except for the whole bridge), and I have intonation issues with the low E string. So no matter what, I need to get a new bridge.

Second of all, I want to put one of the piezo pickups in the bridge.


Here's my issue. I have no idea which bridge to buy (except that it needs to be a wraparound), and how I would wire the electronics. Any ideas?
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No, no, no. That piezo pickup is a part of the bridge (I'm pretty sure of this). It's the bar on the bottom of the bridge, shown in this picture. http://www.musicplayers.com/reviews/guitars/2006/images/MusicManPetrucci4.jpg
Piezos (which use vibrations) aren't the same type of pickups as regular bridge pickups (which are magnetic). They make bridges with piezos attached, but none that are drop-in replacements for your bridge. It would require routing and drilling and whatnot. They do make piezos that can be installed separate from the bridge, where you'd just drill it in and follow the wiring diagram. If you want a piezo, then that's what I'd recommend. As for the bridge, they do make more adjustable wraparounds. Good websites for any of those parts are musiciansfriend.com and allparts.com. Google and Ebay are good too.
EDIT: I didn't mention that piezos are shaped differently from normal pickups, so they don't fit into normal pickup holes.
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