if your house went up in flames..... you can grab one guitar which would it be and why....i guess i will start... i have ten or more but the one i would never part with is my taylor 314 ce.... it is the one that i play the most and everything else i have could be replaced
Whichever one was closest to me, best protected (wouldn't want to carry it through the flames only to have it burnt to a crisp anyway), and/or least likely to impede my own escape (my bass might be tricky, for example, because of its sheer size).

Now, as far as which one I could never have replaced, probably my 12-string. Apart from the obvious sentimental value, I've never found another one that plays as well or sounds as good. Even if I could only save the strings, I'd do it anyway; so far as I know, they're the only set my guitar's ever had, and they're as much a part of the instrument as anything to me. The bass would probably be a close second.
thats an easy one. My Taylor T5. I would actually much prefer to save my Dr. Z Maz 38 like toshiro said, but its so damn heavy and I keep it upstairs so I dont think I'd make it.

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hm... probably my lindo slim dove (pics on acoustic chat). because my classical is rubbish as I never play it & my electric... well I never play that either. :L. If i had a les paul tho.. no question about it. I'd save that
My Martin 000-15, no contest.
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id save my 12 string acoustic, because its the guitar im probably most attached to, i busk a lot, and it goes with me everywhere.

but for teh rest of my collection, i'd claim lots of insurance, and start from scratch, haha.
This is a pointless thread to be posted here in the A&C forum. You should have done this in the pit or somewhere else. For what it's worth, if that scenario were to happen to me, I'd be more worried about saving my wife and family before my guitars. They're just "things" after all and are all replaceable, people aren't.

Oh yea, one more thing: