Hi guys,
I'm able to buy the inside of an jcm 800 2205 split channel. Its al there except the transformers and tubes. What do you guys think? Here's a link to the dutch ad. http://link.marktplaats.nl/276924086 Does someone know were i can get schematics of this particular one? And if its do able for a electricien with the schematics? Any info is welcome!

I have googled a bit but want to be sure i have the right one.
Not the expert, but here is my immediate advice.

See if you can find schematics on shematicheaven.com ( or something like that)
Transformers are not that hard to get into place
Can't make a US currancy conversion at this point
Tubes are relatively easy but you will prolly need to bias
My guess is if you have a friend that can help this is a good deal to go after.

*I'll re-read and monitor*
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Ok... that is not really the inside of the amp, it's essentially just the board and some other components, you'd essentially have to build the amp from scratch.

Yes someone with electronics knowledge can build an amp from a schematic.

However, you would also need a punched chassis which can be costly, the transformers which will cost a few hundred, and about $100 worth of tubes to go on top of it.
Not worth it IMO. The work you'd put into assembling that as well as the cost of good trannies, chassis and headshell would end up costing more than an assembled one I'd think
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