I want a good metal song that I can jam to. I don't really want any "shredder" songs that a crazy fast and with insane solos and such. I'm not very good at soloing, but if it's within my reach I guess I can learn it. I want songs similar to Lamb of God's work. What I mean by that is I want.. linear riffs. Riffs that travel from the 1st and 22nd fret on a string. I don't mean a single string but... just up and down the neck kind of riffs. I don't like songs that are mostly in the A, D, and G string doing pulls offs and such the whole time.


EDIT: and from a band other than Lamb of God, haha.
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
beast and the Harlot is easy catchy and linear I guess since it's in Drop D. Also Slither is fairly linear by velvet Revolver but that's not metal. I can also recomend Anything in Drop tunnings basically will give you a more linear feel. They are generally easier and sometimes fun to play if you are in the mood for somehthing that simple.
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Not interested in Metallica much. To help you guys out, my favorite bands are Lamb of God, Behemoth, God Forbid, Between the Buried and Me, Threat Signal, and.. yeah.
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
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go old school with iron maiden, ozzy, or megadeth. hell, try some dethklok!
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Holy Wars by Megadeth. I'm sure there's tons of apps out there that can do it, but the best I've found is one called "Amazing Slow Downer". Slows the song down without changing the pitch. Works like a charm. Start at 50 percent speed and work your way up.

The opening riff is brutal. Practice it without using your first finger. Play those three note patterns with just your middle ring and pinky fingers. It's a great exercise. I do it almost daily.
Disturbed - Down With the Sickness , Liberate , Prayer , The game. - all great stuff and not to hard.