It's not exactly a "which guitar" but I've been thinking of getting an RG to use for my neoclassical shredding that I'm learning to do.
Anyway, instead of shelling out 3 grand for an RG I was wondering, what's a good value RG that's not necessarily state-of-the-art but that has a good tone, realtively good trem system, good neck etc.
I don't want a piece of ****, but I don't want to spend a ****load on it considering I plan on doing it up, changing the paintjob, pickups etc.
But I want a decent trem system, just one that'll hold tuning well, but not too expensive.

So, this is probably all seeming very cluttered. So, basically.
I want a decent RG that's not too much and that has a decent trem system.

Any recommendations?
3 grand for an RG?

you need to go out and try a few to see what works for you

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yay, youre australian.. i can talk aud

id check out Ormsby in WA. you can see a couple of his builds on his site -- http://www.ormsbyguitars.com to see if anything there that hes built fits the bill

otherwise you could always order a custom build - could be a bit pricey, but if youre not picky, youd be looking at 2700ish?
Pedal GAS?
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um, well i've never seen and RG for 3 grand. if you were gonna spend 3 grand on an ibanez then you should get a prestige series.
Learn to shred on the gear you have, it won't be any easier on an RG or similar.
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In Australia, they have the RG3550Z, RG3570Z, RG1570. Maybe you can find an RG2550Z or an RG2570Z. If you don't need a trem, look into the FR1620, and RGA121.