so im needing a new amp. something that isnt too much for practice use but can make some noise if i need it to. im gonna try to check out some orange amps before too long and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of stuff to check out first
check out tube combos in the 5-30 watt range, 50 tops

but you need to provide more details - what guitar do you play, what genre do you like, is there a specific sound you are looking to acheive?

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my main guitar is a jackson kelly with emgs right now. its gonna be some seymour duncans before too long. probably the sh2 and 4. but anyway, i play a wide range of rock. everything from chili peppers, to stone temple pilots, to bullet for my valentine. even some other things like yellowcard and stuff like that. its kinda hard to say what specific kind of sound im looking for. i do like some mesas though