Up for grabs once again. This baby has been around the world in the last few months. A deal gone bad with a very happy ending. Many of you are very familiar with the story, but just in case...


Its current condition is still excellent!! During the fiasco detailed in the above link a few changes were made and are reflected in the price. Instead of the stock gold plated saddles there are graphite. The neck strap button has been moved from the neck plate (heel) to the back of the horn. Clearly the button can be put back in 30 seconds, your option. The electronics function properly with no issues, yet I recomend having them cleaned up a bit. The 3-way switch only works as a 2-way. Either bridge or neck, not both. This can be easily and quickly changed also. I was going to upgrade the heck out of it to get it back in the $1700 range where it belongs, but have decided to be lazy and see what type of offers I get as is. Just to be clear you can plug this in and rip, no issues.

$1000 firm. Shoot me all offers. as for trade ideally I'd like another guitar (electric or acoustic), guitar plus cash, or high gain amp heads, no effects. Guitar related gear only.

Built by a boutique luthier named W.R. Landy from Long Island, NY. It's a one-of-a-kind beauty from a luthier with over 25 years of experience in building guitars.

This is a hand made guitar, here are the specs:

Mahogany Body
Walnut Top
Birds Eye Maple neck with Ebony Fretboard
Uniquely Carved headstock
EMG 81/85 (Active) Pickups with 1 Volume Pot
Leo Quan Badass-II Bridge with Fine Tuners
Gold and Black hardware
Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets
Comes with an SKB Strat-style latching Hardshell Case

Any other questions please ask.




bump for a beautiful lookin axe!

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wow, i remember that thread you got it back...congrats

dude, sweet guitar
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would you be willing to ship to vietnam? i kid i kid. glad you got it back
Deals done with:
^^^^ I laughed so much. I was about to slaughter you

Good guitar. I definitely am gassing
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with all the **** that you had to go through im suprised you put her back n the market.

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would you be willing to ship to vietnam? i kid i kid. glad you got it back

Damnit! beat me to it.

anyways immaculate guitar, if i had a grand id consider it. but only if you trade it for my 2 gibson LP studios, and you post first.
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would you be willing to ship to vietnam? i kid i kid. glad you got it back


Nice guitar bro.
are you willing to trade?
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