I was looking at exercises to try, I've come to realize my technique was terrible with spider exercises, granted it was only this, but after watching this video:


I notice my fingers move odd, With my middle finger pressing, my pinky tries to kind of stretch out straight, vise versa there.

Anyways, I plan on doing atleast 15 minutes of this exercise a day hopefully it'll show some results. I'm wondering if anyone has other exercises that helped them with control/strength.
I never believed in it, but got SO sick of my pinky flying about that i gave it a go. After a week of doing it for 10mins a day you WILL notice a difference. Play at about 25bpm though.
Thanks, I play this almost obnoxiously slow. I try to make sure only one finger moves at a time. I'll update in a week on progress. Glad to see you notice a change so quickly.
It's not just about moving slowly. It's about recognising flaws and actively trying to iron them out. This is best done by playing slowly so you can physically make yourself play how you should. At the same time though, it should be completely relaxed, AND don't forget to keep your picking hand really neat and tidy, without neglecting dynamic control.