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My sister has just started watching the Clangers on DVD, and I have to say, once I read up about it, I thought it was even more weirder than it looked (and sounded)

excerpt for wiki

"Clangers is an iconic British stop motion animated children's television series of short stories about a family of mouse-like creatures who live on, and in, a small grey planet in dark space. They speak in whistles, and eat green soup harvested by the Soup Dragon. The programmes were originally broadcast by the BBC from 1969-1972."

I mean, we all know programmes like Night Garden, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, and the more adult ones such as Korgoth of Barbaria, are weird. But Clangers was made in the 60's, where cartoons were incredibly strict.
But then again, at times, the world seemed quite uninformed to what was actually going on. And the Tom and Jerry episode that demonstrated them smoking cigars exemplifies that ignorance. For years it went unnoticed. Similar to the way in which The Simpsons sitcom was actually making fun of the American Police Force, which only became apparent in recent years.

The world was already showing signs of oddness and coolness. I just don't think people clicked on.

Then there is the new film coming out... two actually. There's 9, and the adaptation of the infamous tale Where the Wild Things Are--which both look beautifully crafted from the clips.

Now, my question is, should these cartoons be regulated more strictly, or are those small snippets of cynicism and satirical parodies too insignificant to "harm" your little brothers and sisters, or children? Should cartoons only be innocent drawings of prettiness and childishness?

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I don't understand.

How does this relate to the clangers?
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I see no harm in the clangers.

I have little idea as to what the TS is asking. Or why.


Sorry TS.

Cartoons aren't the worst things you can expose your children too. The kids they hang out in school have a lot more influence than cartoons.
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The Clangers are fxcking awesome.
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Freedom of speech mah man... If a cartoonist wants to make fun of USA current president in a childrens cartoon he can do it, but he can't be too obvious or make the cartoon "shockable" or he will be in big big trouble... Appart from that if the cartoon is well made and the cartoon is not too nocive for children it's allright i guess, al least for me is
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No. Being cynical is VERY important and i wish they taught kids this in school. If they're getting it in cartoons [which unfortunatly dosn't even seem to be teh case] then that's a very good thing. Children need to be taught to be cynical or else they'll be ****ed over in the real world.
So you think we should shelter our kids from anything and everything harmful or offensive?

Nah. I think I'll use cute, colorful cartoons to teach them about how effed up the world is instead of actually telling them, but thanks.

And as a side note, "9" isn't aimed at little kids.
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I see no harm in the clangers.

I have little idea as to what the TS is asking. Or why.


Sorry TS.
It's quite simple. "should cartoons be regulated more strictly?"

Why I'm asking it is because it's fun.
never heard of clangers...
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I used to watch Tom and Jerry as a child and that never made me want to be violent and/or smoke a cigar - I did that on my own accord.
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Clangers are indeed awesome. I personally don't see a problem with a bit of secret hinting in a cartoon. As someone mentioned, it's freedom of speech (to a certain degree) but it's all part of the growing up, as well.
I know some families I'm friends with don't let their kids watch cartoons made in the 21st century, yet they'll allow them to watch Tom and Jerry, which is essentially about the art of killing.