Is there a particular set-up you can perfom on your guitar that allows it to be tuned in standard and bring it down half a step down (back and forth)?

Besides the 440 tuning there are similar or close tunings? There are some songs that seem to be in between 440 and something else (for example Highway to Hell by AC/DC isn't exactly in 440, same with Oasis's Some Might Say).
I don't really understand your question, but maybe they tuned by ear and not by an electric tuner (and possibly before electric tuners were made).
you should be able to tune down a half step and back up without making any changes really - its not that big of a step to have to adjust intonnation or action

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Try playing either Highway to Hell (Album Version) and Oasis's Some Might Say with your guitar tuned in standard. I won't quite sound the same but it's not a half step down either.

About the set-up, my guitar is in standard tuning with .10 Ernieball Strings. My question was about being able to tune it half step down for a couple songs then back to standard and so forth.
Its just the band being a little off tune.

Some of Metallicas early albums are like that. Supposed to be standard 440 but its a little off. They are in tune with themselves though so it doesn't matter.

Put in the AC/DC song and tune your guitar to match them, then plug in you chromatic tunner and see what it is.
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Interesting how that could escape them, but at the same time it makes the song even more unique.
If you're talking about switching from standard to half step down really fast, one way would be to tune it to half step down and use a capo on the first fret for standard.
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