Where's it gone? That fire in your eyes.
Slowly it was lost on me, and now a candle in the night,
Is all that illuminates the subtle disrepair.
But how obvious it becomes when it's left to grow long hair.

Milky glow coupled with the sharp wit of my lover
Makes for a decidedly boisterous night that is not known unto no other
The stare i saw before, see now, and see forever
Still renders me captive in my mind

For how can i look past the twinkle
Shines brighter every time
Soft blonde hair, vibrant blue eyes
Reflect back at me every nuance that I send of love

We stood, you shouted, I listened
I hoped, you left, God rested.
No touch of fate would help us now,
No lucky charms, no helping hand

And that was it, a tragedy at best
Apparently not enough
To keep you like a precious dove
This is how i lost you.

My first love.