Which should I rather use (i Play rock and metal rythem and lead)?

now before you say : "Don't get those get EMG's", or something in that line you should know

I am on a budget. the two guitars that i am can choose from (LTD m100-mf and IbanezRG320 dxfm) come equiped with those pickups respectively.

Can anyone please give me some usefull info on which sound is better for Rock and metal? (oh both guitars use humbuckers)

thanx in advance for your input
i like esp guitars alot, but that's just my opinion. if you can play both and see which one has more of what you want.
I have an ESP LTD EX-351, with passive HZs, and my boyfriend has a V-200 with LH-300s and both sound good for rock-metal, although I can't comment on the Ibanez pick-ups.

Really, you need to go to your local guitar shop and play both through the same amp to see which you prefer, you may also find that you prefer the feel of one to the other, so its your best bet to try them both out.
ESP LTD EX-351 in gunmetal blue.
Valencia acoustic.
this is the way the world ends
not with a bang, but with a whimper
okay cool. More opinions are also welcome? anyone who Has played with them before?