Been working on this the past few hours at work, all comments appreciated...c4c

Like a mirror in the sky
I see storms behind the horizon
waiting, stalking, and ready to pounce.
I race towards pretty church vows
and fights about which color to paint our house,
a white picket fence or a wooden stockade,
refurnish the house? or should it all stay?
While you want to walk crowded curbs
under the flickering street lights,
and drink pong tainted beer with friends
you already plan on forgetting after school,
all while keeping me sidelined
to throw you the ball when you call.
We both dream of colorbook perfect futures
painted any colour we could conjure
but like a mirror in the sky
I see storms behind the horizon.
Gaining your trust I tell you we must
but you told me the rain can’t kill.
My organs are aching, my mind is breaking
as my lung and a half slowly collapse,
you playfully call me your old man
while I hide my struggles to stand,
but instinct has monkey wrenched
my gut feeling, vice grip tight
demanding some kind of fix it,
as I look to the mirror in the sky
trying not to find storms behind the horizon,
though we’ve seen extraterestrials
they even shined a light onto us,
catapulting fear of abductions
from fantasy to easily
and I swear its all fine, against my will,
but nightmares of them continue;
I'm forced to watch your panic
and to paralyzed to squeeze a blink
as they run unfathomable tests,
then we awake in your bed to your terror
and I ease you back to sleep
as I stare into that mirror in the sky
watching the storm behind the horizon,
peek an eye.
I simply wish our parents to cry
as I walk by their pew, my hand holding yours
just before we ride off into that horizon,
but I fear by the time your ready for this
it'll be far to late for a goodbye kiss
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