I have the Woodland Folk cut away. Fantasic guitar for the price. I paid 550 US$ with case. Get the case if you can, They are very nice cases.
They are made in Canada by Godin (Seagull).
I looked around and could not bear to pay that price for something made in China.
Good choice.
I have a Simon and Patrick 12 string and although a bit on the heavy side I'm still pleased with it. Well made especially for the price range with full to bright tone and playable action. Agree with the above....good choice
Man, get down you local guitar shop, or take a trip out to a few good ones, play everything under 300 quid, and buy the one you like most, you can only go so far on other peoples opinions.

When I bought my acoustic, I asked the shop guy for the best acoustics for £250 were, tried them all out, and didn't like any of them. Then picked out my washburn and was told the neck was horrible. Turns out, it's the best neck I've played. It's all down to the individual.
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