i have about $600 laying around and i want to buy a new amp. i am considering a Peavey Vypyr 100w. im looking for pros and cons please and thank you.
Playing Style?
Why do you need 100W?
Why a modeller?
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Playing Style?
Why do you need 100W?
Why a modeller?

+ Gigging?

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Playing style is Rock and Metal
and yes the intention is for gigging, would this amp be a great buy?
Modeller = an amp that models, or is modelled after, other amp(s). They imitate other amps. Modellers are often SS/digital which model tube amps.

Maybe if you're gigging a tube amp would be a better choice. 30-50 watts tube would be a good choice. I don't really know what kind of good gigging amps for rock and metal you can get with $600. I do know you'd better go used with that kind of money, maybe a B-52.

If you don't want to go tube, get a used Vetta.
If you want a modeller, you can get a flextone for that price, which is way better than a vypyr
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