I am a bit tired of messing around with my gear but i can't seem to find that thight death metal distortion...

I have an american strat with air norton on neck and super distortion bridge, a peavey vk112 with a v30 speaker, mxr 10band eq and even a sd-1 boosting.

I've tryed so many settings and all possible stuff with this but i can't get satisfatory tone out of this.

So i am thinking in selling everything i have and start all over. This time i will think carefully and check reviews.

Alright, i have like 300e atm, adding the 750e for the strat, 380e amp + speaker, 30e OD pedal, 90e MXR EQ, i could do like 1400e ?

I'm looking for the 80s death\thrash metal, the thight stuff without so much noise. I'll be playing some small gigs but i wanna play it home too.

About the guitar, i really like tremolos so i think that's the only requirement, a solid one at it.

Sorry for the long text but i'd really apreciate anyones help. Cheers
I forgot to add some stuff i have here for sale, so make it about 1700e thanks!
Thanks but i've found a pre amp i like, now i just need a cheap but good PA or some other amp with good power tubes to mate with it.

As for the guitar, i'm looking for something with a good floyd, but thanks anyway.
O sorry, I didn't see the Floyd thing. But some companies that make tube power amps are Mesa, ENGL, VHT (Fryette), Marshall, Carvin, and Randall. The Carvin will be the cheapest, but you need to order them direct from Carvin. So that may not be the most cost effective plan for you. Try going used if those companies' tube power amps are a little too expensive.
And ESP/LTD or Schecter with EMG's will suite you nicely. LTDs around the $700 to $1000 or a Schecter Hellraiser will be good choices. EMG's deliver tight low end very well. I've also heard that the Seymour Duncan TB-5 and TB-6 are capable of doing so as well.
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Also, since you're looking for a tight sound, check out the Engl Fireball if you're interested. I've seen plenty of YouTube videos that demonstrate this! There are currently two versions of the head, the 60 watt and 100 watt. They are both suprisingly versatile and will surely suite your needs. The only issue I've heard about some Engl's is that they don't cut through the mix.
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I've choosen my amp, now it's the guitar.

I'm afraid to pick one of those 700e jacksons or LTD's coz i don't know the tremolos and i rly don't wanna waste half my time setting it up.