So anyway, I was thinking of building a firebird for my next guitar. I like to work with wood, like guitar, so that sounds like it would be fun. Won't happen for a couple of months at least, but here are the specs I was thinking of:

Mahogany body
Either set-neck or neck-through (not sure)
Maybe a 5-piece neck, they look awesome (maple/cherry/maple/cherry/maple?)
Rosewood fretboard
Stainless steel frets
Abalone inlays
25" scale
Graphite nut
3 mini humbuckers
Locking tuners
Coil splits on the pickups
Wilkinson tremolo

So anyway, there are a couple questions I have:

1. What would be some good mini humbuckers to use? I play classic rock, blues, some classic metal (black sabbath), some modern rock.

I was thinking about seymour duncan sm-1s or 2s in the neck and middle and sm-3s in the bridge, but those are expensive and if there were any others that you would advise, I'd be open.

2. Would a through-neck be too difficult to do for a first build? I'm not especially worried about that, but how much more difficult is through-neck than set neck or bolt on?

3. Anything else that I missed on that list?

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