My knowledge of anything other then mainstream grunge, indie rock music is very very limited! (an me a music teacher)
I have recently started playing guitar and have started a rock group at the school where i work.

I would like a list of great songs, (pretty simple) for the kids to get their teeth stuck into. Anthems, unknowns, metal, alternative..... anything from 60s to now!!!!!

another would be what songs include keyboard parts?

Thank you thank you thank you

(this'll help my knowledge so much, i wont have to look stupidly blank all the time!)
Smells like teen spirit (nirvana), good riddance (green day), Elderly Woman (pearl jam) are a few easy ones. (an me a peoples!)

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go buy guitar world magazine or something, or just go on youtube, thats a rediculous amount of music and history for 1 thread, I wouldn't even know where to start
start with simple early BEATLES` songs that everybody knows (all together now) if you are starting to play the guitar.