i am looking at buying a fender telecaster with a bigsby trem. the problem is is that it comes with 10 gauge strings and i would like to put 9 gauge on it as that is what i like to use. i was wondering if it would effect the guitar in any way as i have very little experience when it comes to bigsbys and do not know how it will effect the guitar or how to correct it, that is if it does make a difference.

any help would be greatly appreciated


there should be no problem, the only problem you would have is if you constantly change tunings
you should be fine. i think bigsbys act just like vintage trems; you can string them up with almost any gauge string and tune to just about whatever you want without too many problems.
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thanks a lot for the help guys. i was just a bit cautious as i only know about regular and floyd rose trems and have never properly used a bigsby before but should be buying a guitar with one on in not to long