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Still use beginer amp
81 38%
Upgraded it.
130 62%
Voters: 211.
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Im just curious how many people here still use them? Or have they upgraded 'um.
Or how many people have got expensive guitars playing through basic amps.

Just to let you know today I tried my first Spider, It was not that great but once i fiddled with the settings, It wasn't tht bad as every one makes them out to be.
i sold my MG and i now play through a GK 1/2 stack bass amp
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my 1st amp i built it from a diagram in the back of a electronics magazine, cost more for the magazine than the amp lol
I upgraded from a Frontman 15G to an MG, haha. I don't think they're too bad though. Better than the 15G.
I don't know where my first amp is, I put it out on the street and within an hour it was gone lol. I still have my MG but it's tucked away under my bed, never to see the light of day again.
I have a Blackstar HT-5 now which is pretty awesome.
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I still play through my Crate GX-15 at home and if I go somewhere to jam at a coffeehouse or something. I get most of my sound through my Line 6 pod though, so I guess theres quite a bit of difference.

When I'm with my band though, it's time to release the Marshall JCM 800
I still practice through my spider but i use a dsl halfstack for band,gigging
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My amp is still only my Vypyr, but I will do a MASSIVE upgrade hopefully in some months.
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I've owned a few amps. All I've got at the moment is a Yamaha 10 watt practice amp and a 30 watt Line 6 Spider III. But I'll be buying a Peavey ValveKing 100 watt head when I get paid next week, them some kind of Marshall cab soon after.
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I still use my MG15. I want to upgrade, but I'm learning to drive atm so all my money's going on that.
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I don't use it often, but I still have my first amp - a Fender Bullet 150 - sitting in my bedroom. As far as tiny solid state amps go it's an alright one, particularly if I just want to play clean, it all still works perfectly and it's pretty convenient to have a not-100%-terrible amp sitting there that I don't have to wait for while it warms up like my proper amps do.
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I went from a old peavy amp to my spider III, but now I've got the bugera.

My spider still is used for my low volume jams and stuff quite frequently though
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i still use my spider III i want to upgrade though when my band finally starts gigging i want to upgrade to a peavey valveking 212 100w combo.
I upgraded from my ****ty 10w no-name to a 2w Roland MicroCube.

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I still have my first amp, its a Classic 30, I like it.
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I still have my original Lafayette tube 2x12 combo amp I got in the 70s (Made By Univox) I use my Line 6 Spider II HD150 half stack for gigging. I have three small practice amps a MG15, Esteban 15 watt and my tiny little battery powered Marshall mini full stack and Dan Electro Honeytone (Rockman type thing w/Headphones). They all serve a purpose.

Well I mostly use my Fender 900 either at home or with my band, but if I wanna play at like say...2 am, I pull out my old Traynor 10 watt
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First and only amp is a Peavey Bandit 112. It works for me. :P
I still practice at home with my beginner amp that came with my guitar but at band practice, I plug directly into our PA system. Luckily we play on clean so the tone isn't so horrible. I plan to upgrade to a Randall amp that I fell in love with that I was playing on in a local shop a few days ago.
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i switched from my spider, which fried when i tried to plug it in in a different country, then a 25w samick i picked up at a garage sale for 25 bucks, and now i use a peavey classic 50
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I use an Epiphone Studio 15r amp with an Epiphone g310 with a broken rhythm pickup currently (sounds like a quiet single coil, completely inaudible without a compressor or something). It's a horrible combination if you're a beginner that knows absolutely nothing about EQ, or pedals, but can sound pretty ok with an otherwise decent setup.

I'm saving up for a Peavey Windsor though, I heard great things about it and it was pretty awesome when I tried it out in the past.
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Yeha i'm still playing through a Spider III. But i dont' see why everyone hates it. Until it gets to like half volume, i can make it sound perfect for what i want. At half volume, i probably would have to roll back a little bass. I just think i know how to make it sound good. other amps, i can't get to sound right
I still use my Spider. But I have only been seriously playing for a year. I'm thinkin' of upgrading it because I have gotten really good in said year. And to one of the first posts, spiders are pretty good if you eq them right.
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First amps doesnt mean they suck, My first amp was a jazz chorus, it rules! To answer your question i still use it
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low wattage solid state practice amps sound ok if you EQ it right and keep the volume below 5. I recently upgraded to a Marshall stack though and the tone is just in a class so far above my old practice amp. they're hardly comparable.
Soon i'm going to purchase a blackheart head to drive my cabs so then i can change between my SS (which actually sounds good and has decent effects) and the tubes.
I upgraded my amp long ago, BEFORE my new guitar. That's a mistake many make. But my vypyr rocks
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Still have my MG on me, I'm stuck with it for only a few more days though.

Until my Bugera gets here. Hehe...
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I still have my first amp, its a Classic 30, I like it.

That soooo shouldn't count.

Anywho, I upgraded my Cube 15x to a Krank Rev Jr.
I've upgraded... I have a Vypyr 75, but I rarely use it. I have a MicroCube for practice.
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Well, I upgraded to a VOX vt15. I guess it's still a beginner amp. So, yes, I upgraded and yes, I use a beginner amp :p. I started on a first act amp (yuck) I got from a family member. I like my VOX.
I still have my first amp, although it's pretty much dead.

I've owned three amps, I never really use them, I mostly practise unplugged or through my POD.
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