I'm looking to upgrade my telecasters pickups but I'm not really sure which direction to go in. I play primarily hard-rock but also like having a good clean channel to switch to. I'm playing through a B-52 AT100 half stack, usually on the tube ab setting and I've been getting a lot of feedback at high gain levels. I've thought about the seymour duncan hot rails but I think they might be too metal for me. I've also heard a lot about the Dimarzio AreaT's also. What should I do?
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Now that I've gone in that direction once, I'll only get custom handwound pickups.
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seymour duncan hot rail
hot rails aren't only for metal, they give a great distorted tone that really cuts through in the mix, and are great for pinch harmonics. they sound a little muddy on clean though.

The hot rails/cool rails combo is what i have in my Strat and i love it

Edit: www.myspace.com/mostofuscanstand the second solo in Sirens is a with a hot rails, as well as the solo at the end of Shadows
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I play primarily hard-rock but also like having a good clean channel to switch to.

me too and i love my texas specials in my tele.
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lil 59 has a lot of output, and still works decent for cleans, much better than the hot rails . I think it's a much better sounding PUP anyway, they really suit a tele well.
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I use a seymour duncan little 59' you can hear the clip in my profile, it's really good and sound a lot tighter than any standard or stacked pup.
It's pricey though, but I think it's value for money.
Here's another specialist offering
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Here's another specialist offering

Holy crap they look awesome! Incredibly cheap too, I might have to look further into these for my own tele.

Anyways, TS, I'm in the same situation as you (, look for hard rock tele pups for high gain and cleans), so I'll be watching this thread, just one piece of advice; don't go for the hot rails, they sound good with super high distortion but absolutely terrible for anything else.
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