Hi there! I'm looking to get rid of some swapped out pickups that came in my guitar(s).

This particular set I'm looking to pass on came out of my Eastwood Airline 2P guitar. These are not the vintage voiced single coils that they now sell in their Airline reproductions, but a much quieter version. The lo-fi, garage-y tones are definitely still there though. The wires still have the "spliced" connectors on the ends so these would be great retrofitted into a les paul type guitar with individual tone/volume knobs for each pickup.


I'm looking for 30 for the set plus 5 dollars to ship so $35 shipped within the USA!
Just wanted to note, I was listening to "Steady As She Goes" by The Raconteurs and if you want a good idea of their tone, they can REALLY nail that intro. I hope these go to a good home.