hey guys,

i'm looking for a bit of help choosing a new 6 string acoustic guitar to compliment my 12 string (don't ask why i got a 12 first, long story, haha).

my style is mainstream sort of poppy acoustic songs, like damien rice, jack johnson, matt nathanson, howie day, joshua radin etc, and thats also the main style of music i want to be writing with this guitar.

as quite a major point, i very rarely use a pick, instead, i have a weird playing style, as seen in this video:


(excuse the terrible singing, haha, i had a cold and also i really chose the wrong song for my voice anyway)

as a side note, i also like to dabble with acoustic instrumentals, such as andy mckee, antoine dufour etc, so it needs to handle alternate tunings, such as DADGAD, well.

it really doesnt matter if its acoustic or electric, because its going to be used mainly for recording and writing, and for the odd gig where i don't fancy using my 12 string plugged in, i can always get it micced up.

really, i'd prefer acoustic, but if you guys can sway me in the direction of a really nice electro acoustic that sounds awesome unplugged too, im open to suggestions.

the brands i've been looking into are taylor, martin, larrivee, breedlove and freshman, as they're what my local music shop deals, but as yet, no luck finding the perfect one, so im looking to this forum to point me in the direction of something you think would suit me. do me proud guys



EDIT: forgot to mention, price range is anything up to £1000 (british)
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which seagull you should look at depends on your budget. check the maritimes - they're all solid and check the acoustic electrics, too. also check out the yamaha fgx730sc - it's acoustic electric, and i think it might suit your playing style.

i'm surprised you didn't find a taylor to suit your style. the way you play in that video seems like some taylors would be perfect for you, but then your store may be limited in its stock, the guitars may have older strings or the store may not have good acoustics. or you may not like taylors
hmm, i've never played/seen a seagull, might be one of those things i have to search for in another shop, or ask about. but i checked them out, they seem solid guitars, and theres a lot of praise for them around. headstock looks a little weird to me, but that shouldnt be a problem if they're right for me tonally.
and about the taylors, the shop only stocks the lower end models, i havent seen one above the 300 series in there, and i know taylors are reputed to be pretty damn good. only one really did it for me, and that was the baby, which was more a novelty thing, to be honest. did you have any particular taylor in mind?

noone else?

i've recently been checking out freshman, as i tried a really nice one, with a cedar top, something i havent really had much experience of, can anyone think of any other brands to look into?