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Alright Pit- music class; we've been paired with a singer and we've got to cover a song that features something to do with animals- either band name or something in the song.

So I'd really appreciate it if you could come up with some ideas of songs that could be played on an acoustic guitar and suitable for a girl who is used to singing more drum driven music (e.g. Animal by Kat Deluna).

I've suggested a few- such as Whitesnake, but so far it's pretty damned difficult! Help? Please?
Bloodhound gang - The bad touch
The Cage by Sonata Arctica
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Cat Stevens- Father and Son.
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Gerbil or kill a kitten. Both from Stephen Lynch. If you actually do get a woman/girl to sing that, record it please
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Gerbil or kill a kitten. Both from Stephen Lynch. If you actually do get a woman/girl to sing that, record it please

Yeah- teachers already paired us up. I'm with a girl.

We searched "like an animal song" on the internet- we got NIN - **** You Like An Animal She didn't wanna do that one

Some good suggestions here though Pit- really helpful thanks
the jaws theme

or anything by the animals (house of the rising sun)
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"You Ugly git!" - That girl in the restaurant

"You Were a Mistake!" - Mum

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Anything by THE WOMBATS!!!!!
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The Sound of Animals Fighting

why has no one posted this?!
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Animal - Def Leppard
Animal - Pearl Jam
Animal - R.E.M.
Animal - The Edgar Winter Group
The Animal - Steve Vai
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F*ck a dog in the ass - blink 182
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Fallout Boy
Hound Dog
Dog Problems
Welcome to the Jungle
Foxy Lady
Free Bird

…Animals by Nickelback should win.
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F*ck a dog in the ass - blink 182

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