Someone needs to help me out here, There's a guitar that I want that's £700..
I can buy it in the next dayy or so SO MUCHH CHEAPERR!!
I can get it for £300-400!!

I just need to tell the guy i'll take it,

I'm gonna blurt this out and be REAAAAAAAAAAALLY fussyy.. but I wanted it in red and the guitar he has for sale is cosmo black..

Shall I just stop being an ass and go for itt?

Quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!! Thanks ;]
Is the red one worth 300 more?

There's your answer...
You can call me Aaron.

Out on parole, any more instances of plum text and I get put back in...
Color doesn't effect the way it plays if you love the way the guitar feels and plays the color will grow on you.

Yeahh.. I know what you mean.. Just cause it's in red it shouldn't be worth an extra £300.. :P
cheerss guys, just needed someone to give me a kick!
umm. and what guitar is this?
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When I got my guitar, I had ordered the red one that costs $200 more, but they instead sent me the natural wood colored one. I was a bit disappointed at first, but today I'm so glad they did that. The color will definitely grow on you (it did for me), and you'll be glad you didn't spend extra money.
looks are not a primary concern for me when buying a guitar or viewing someone else playing one i judge a guitar by sound and how it feels. i suggest you do the same.
Get it, you can just have it refinished in whatever color you want by yourself or by a professional.
Just get it and if you really want to have it refinsished.
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