I'm sure all of you have heard this song before now - it's a fantastic Drop C metal song by Disturbed, but if anyone can play it, can someone help me out with the second intro? It contains a pinch harmonic which claims to be on the third fret of the bottom C string - is this how it's played or is it different? Here's the tab:


I cut it out of a tab on this site, cutting out the second intro where a pinch harmonic takes place but I can't seem to get the right sound at all.

Any help is appreciated always.

Much obliged,
try hitting it a little closer to the bridge or just play another pinch harmonic somewhere else till you're happy with it.
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pinch harmonics just take time. when i couldn't do them, i could practice all day and still not get a sound. it was pretty random how i finally learned how to do it.

just keep practicing and paying attention to form and you'll get them eventually.

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Thanks a lot guys, I'll be sure to put both pieces of advice into effect and keep at it Much appreciated.
I remember a guy compared learning pinch harmnoics to learning how to ride a bike.

It really is like that, you just kind of do it.
I've learned that if a * is next to a number, then its a natural harmonic. o.O