Silence screams louder than sound.
Simplicity can be profound,
Weaving its way into your ear drum.
Notes....or lack of notes.
And intervals between them.

Your thoughts will find you out.
When the Silence surmounts.
Leaving you with nothing but your thoughts.
and lack of thoughts.
Things you should have thought
But didn't.
Things you did think,
But regret thinking.

All of this is learned in Silence.

Darkness can conquere the sun.
A total eclipse has begun.
You feel the chill on your spine,
Darkness and things in the dark,
Here they intertwine.

Your eyes will play games.
Twisting faces and names,
They seem to have minds of their own.
And memories
Things you've seen,
but don't see.
Things you haven't seen
but do see.

All of this is learned in Darkness

I plan to have 2 more stanzas to tie this together. It's only half done as of now.
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