hey UG!!!! so i am selling my BC Rich NJ Jr. V deluxe at a pretty cheap price in the UK. The guitar is virtually in perfect condition. Cleaned up, recently restrung, and only one or two extremely minor scratches, its built like a tank. The guitar is pretty sweet... it has EMG 81/85's for those metal lovers. a nice smooth neck-thru mahogany neck/body, original floyd and an ebony fretboard.

Just postin to see if anyone is interested.

all offers are welcome. its already on ebay if you wanna go and have a look ill give ya the link.
hmmm thats sounds extremely interesting... any pics??? go onto ebay and type in bc rich delux (without the e lol) and itll be there. i would love a c-1 classic lol. whereabouts do you live???
Ill send you pics when I get to my computer, but just to give you a heads up its a C-1 classic in 3 tone sunburts with gold hardware, and a black set of emg 81/85. There's one ding that I know of around the output jack area, and the neck pickup ring is broken on one corner

I live all the way down in Miami, Florida but I don't mind shipping. I have a lot of references at :armony Central, so yeah . Ill send you some pics in a few hours =)

hmm i think ill wait and see if i can get any cash offers for it because money is really the main thing im lookin for. put up the other pics when ya can!!