I need to learn some theory!
I've been playing for a couple of years but theory isn't something ive looked into much. I've learnt some stuff on the Circle of Fifths, and some other stuff i cant remember, so basically, in Theory terms, im an absolute beginner.
What are the essentials i need to learn?
not just guitar, notation in general too.

i sound like a noob, but i need to know!
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go back to basics and learn your intervals very well...play a riff solo w/e and work out what all the intervals are.

work out the notes in all the chords and memorise them

memorise the chords in key as well as the ttsttts steps of the major scale and minor too.
Key signatures, what they mean and do. Learn to read music. Learn how to construct chords and how the interact with each other. That's a pretty good goal for the average guitarist.
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Learn the staff, learn actual music with notes instead of tabs, learn scales (Minor, Major, Blues, and modes), learn to play in time. Focus on those because those are pretty much the basics.
also learn major, minor, movable and 7 chords.
Learn The C major Scale in each position all over the fretboard
Now you know every scale there is to know

Then learn how to make all the chords
All you have to do is count
Then you know everything you need