I've never enjoyed being in a band 'cos they've always had creative differences, bad vibes, and people constantly getting kicked out. The last time I was in a band, they kicked out the bassist who was my best friend. I left because I was pissed at them for it, and now the band goes on after 4 years without a single original band member o_o

So this kinda put me off for the past 4 years, but I'm thinking since I have a lot of spare time I should get a death metal band going. I have quite a few contacts for gigs and help with equipment, recording and so on, but the main problem lies with finding band members... I don't have any friends who are willing to be in a death metal band, and the death metal scene here isn't too great. Majority of 'death metal' bands I've heard locally are just hardcore bands >.<

So has anyone got advice on starting a band by themselves? Before I've always had the aid of a close mate to get things going. I just want to be sure this time that it doesn't put me off bands forever - I want decent, creative, cooperative, and friendly musicians, and I want to do the whole thing properly. Not as in get big or anything, but to keep it going and entertain some folk.

What the **** do I do?

How the fook do I find them?
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