I have recently stumbled upon my dad's old fender amp. It has been sitting in the same spot in a closet in my basement growing mold, for 16 years. Now it is very moldy, and looks awful, yet still works! I looked it up to see how much it's worth, and the highest i found was about $3,000. I would like to clean it up and sell it, but im not sure how to go about doing this. (what to use to clean it, etc.) Please tell me any comments or advice you may have.
Bring it to a qualified tech if you don't know what your doing, really.
send it to a tech.
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Send it too a pro, you don't want to mess that up at all.
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
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Or you might wanna keep it seeing that you play a FM.

^ This, take it to a tech and get it cleaned up and everything and then sit for a few hours and just give it a blast. Maybe keep it for a week or two just to make sure that you don't fall out with it.
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