I'm sort of a 22y.o. beginning guitarist, with about a year of self-taught musical practice experience. I'm basically looking for other musicians around my level to jam with. So far, I know basic music theory, 2 positions of the maj + min scale, and learn tabs strictly for the challenge level it presents.

Some of my current projects are to increase my vocal range, strengthen my fry screams, learn how to belt properly onto pitch, and to get better at singing & playing simultaneously, since i'm usually 100% instrumental. I am also working on pitch memory and interval exercises.

But yeah, I'm no expert, just looking for other late blooming individuals deciding they want to play music, lol.

Age limit: 18-24

some of my influences are:

Linkin Park
Rise Against
Guns N Roses
Gaming Metal Riffs, (like in Guilty Gear, Megaman X series)
and MUSE!
nice tastes with the J-Rock and Gaming Metal, dude. I was beginning to have my doubts with people around my age in the Chicago area playing along to those tunes.

I'd like to jam, but I lack the proper equipment to do so. I'm interested to keep in touch with you, though.
Basskaibi> yeah, keep in touch for sure. I feel like I've gone too far musically to just let it all go to nothing. What sort of equipment do you have?
Ibanez GAX70 Electric Guitar
Yamaha RBX170 Bass Guitar
Digitech RP80

What I do is plug directly into whatever speaker system I have. ;]

I'm a casual bass/guitar dude. I also have a drumset, but it hasn't been maintained properly since the day I bought it. Plus, I really want to get a bass amp combo someday.

What I do have is a TASCAM audio interface in case if I want to collab online for something or the other. How's your gear looking like?
My gear is crap.

Ibanez GAX70
Yamaha RBX170
Fender KXR-100 Solid State Keyboard Amp
Digitech RP80
I got

Ibanez GAX70 Electric Guitar (same guitar lol!)
VOX Valvetronix 30VT, 30W
Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp ( a bitch ass portable amp great for casually serenading outside lol)

not much as well lol,
wow, same guitar! xD
I've listened to all of the influences you've listed except well, Muse...
which J-Rock are you mostly into?
My gear is crap.

Ibanez GAX70
Yamaha RBX170
Fender KXR-100 Solid State Keyboard Amp
Digitech RP80
In the J Rock category, I listen to Malice Mizer, Gackt, Dir En Grey, Maximum The Hormone, Miyavi, some Girugamesh... there's a couple rhymester songs i like. Lately i've been really diggin Blood Stain Child, they put like, screaming with ddr-style dance rock...cant explain it, but its cool. How bout you?