For the longest time, I have been insisting that I should get a new amp.
My mom, finally said that she'll give me an amp for Christmas and she'll try to save as much as she can.
I asked her how much and she said a good 400-500 dollars.
Anyone know which brands are pretty good?
Which amp would you recommend that's within the price range?
It has to be an amp that would be good for playing shows, like backyards and small venues.

Genres you like/play?
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if you want alot of versatility get a flextone, for metal try out a B-52 AT, or Randalls. Fender Hot Rod, or blues junior, for good cleans and maybe some low gain mellow classic rock type stuff. Peavey Valveking is a pretty decent all around amp, not quite the right fit if your into super heavy stuff though. For great cleans to good dirty tones, maybe even thrash with a boost check out the Peavey Classic 30

dont be turned off by something people dont mention in this forum there are alot of decent amps out there, these are just a few of them, the more you try the better
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can you go used? if so what is your location?
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randall? just a decent tube amp
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