Hi, has anyone here used the Planet Waves Fret Polishing System?

Any comments? Is it worth using, does it make a difference... and any problems?

Any alternative products that do the same thing?

Most of my guitars are >25years old, so have significant fret wear and tarnishing!

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Polishes frets to a brilliant shine and smoothness.
The Planet Waves Fret Polishing System makes your guitar frets shine like new. This maintenance kit includes 5 sheets of reusable fret polishing paper and one fret polishing template with a choice of narrow or jumbo slots. Just use the correct slot for your guitar's frets and, in just a few minutes, the frets will be polished to a shine. Guitars play their best when the frets are kept clean and polished.

I like Fender fretboard polish, for some reason I find it works better than Dunlop or Dr. Stringfellow. Never tried PW though.
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If you haven't maintained your frets with 25 year old guitars, they're probably going to need to be leveled and crowned before you polish the, since the strings wear away unevenly at the frets over time
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dude, just use mineral oil. works just as well but is cheaper.
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0000 steel wool is what I use and it does as good of a job as can be done without metal polish.

But +1 to the fret dress, it'll almost certainly need that first.
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25 year old guitars that have flat worn frets need to be redressed by a luthier, or if its beyond that, a refret. after the dress or the refret it will play like a brand new guitar but it may or may not sound exactly the same as it did. best rule of thum is to replace nickel with nickel, steel with steel. that PW you posted will NOT dress your frets, just make them shinny. there are cheaper ways to do it like jim said.
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0000 steel wool followed by polishing with Mothers Mag + Aluminum polish got me these results:

I'm an obsessive compulsive fret polisher, and I've found nothing better.
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Mother's polishes literally fix everything. They're incredible !