Yes, absolutely free, no catch.

1x12 speaker cab - homemade by me about 20yrs ago, but in good nick and still perfectly useable for guitar, PA, keyboard etc.

Photo here: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/bLEHVQ3n6-n_xQs-lPVnzw?authkey=Gv1sRgCLmVkfOI6O_tWg&feat=directlink

Collect from PO15 5RW - Fareham, UK
Hmmm this sounds like a trap... are you gonna kill me?

Because i wanna prepare my last words...

something dramatic... like...

Oh no not again =[
Thats a good point.... why didn't i say i wanted it...

I want it

and I second the *why are you giving it away* question
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Thats a good point.... why didn't i say i wanted it...

errrr.....because you fear he might kill you?
If none of these get it, tell me and I will send a courier or collect it myself.
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Yeah well in special UG land chords = noob, scales = intermediate and modes = advanced. Most users are trying to finish the game on hard because then you get the trophies for noob and intermediate difficulties upon completion anyway.
If any one really wants this, email me at... paul AT marsguitars DOT co DOT uk (I'd forgotten there's no PM on this site)

I don't mind whether you want to collect it in person or send a courier

I just don't need it anymore and can't be bothered with fleabay cos it wouldn't fetch much anyway. I sold my Sound City valve head and use a combo these days.
There is PM. Click on the username of whoever you want to send the message to, then click the "Send Message" link.
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