So i just bought a used traynor ygm-4 and also a used ocd pedal. Everything is all good clean, but when i put the ocd in and turn the drive knob up past like 10 o clock, it starts to sound very.... sandy? I dont exactly know how to describe it except that it doesnt sound like a good distortion, it sounds like something is wrong. I previously had a ss amp and the overdrive on that never did anything like this. Ive also heard this sandy sound on a few other tube amps when a pedal is plugged in. Is it natural to have this sandy/gritty sound and is there any way i can get it to not be so annoying?
hmmmm probably the tubes are tooo hot..... too much dirt passing through the tubes so maybe drop the distortion knob a little or maybe mod it to make it so less electrons pass through the tubes, there are mods online. Or maybe your pedal isnt actually made to go that dirty like how cars max speed are at like 130 but start shaking after 110
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Well i dont think its the pedal, because ive played it through other amps and this did not happen. I thought about it being the tubes. How hard is it to "turn them down"?