Love, I've been smiling for days now...
I saw your face and I finally came to life

We'll break down the wall
love never comes easy
so we'll break down the wall

Love, you've been laughing for weeks now...
I see your face, and you finally came to life

You broke down my wall
Love came much to easy
Because you broke down my wall

Why would you kiss me?
I'm sleepin' alone
So why would you kiss me
If I'm leaving alone

I will not break for you
I'll show you that I won't break my mind down for you

So there you have it, every aspect of the damn song you can ask for, haha. Please listen all the way through, as it changes dimensions 360 degrees about halfway through the track.
"If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise don't even start..."
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Youtube kept pissing me off, wouldent load it fast enough. But anyway, its good, it has some mixing issues, but the lyrics are very powerful, and the guitar sounds good. One thing I would reccomend is adding an intro, it kinda just went straight into the song.
Nice job!
Loved the full band at the end.
The good times are killing me.

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