On sunday night I was cleaning my ear's with cotton swabs, I must've pushed one in too far because now the sound that I can hear from my left ear is muffled, as if I was covering my ear. I can also feel a pressure inside my ear. I called the doctors but they can't see me until wednesday at the earliest . Any ideas on how to unblock an ear?
Plug your nose up and try to blow it. They'll pop.
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Agreed. Plug your nose with your fingers then blow out your nose. The pressure should unlock your ears
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Don't push the cotton swab into the hole in your ear. (The one inside your ear, not leading into it.)
Cotton swabs should not be used for ear cleaning for this reason
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that's part of why when i take showers, i'll let water into my ears to get stuff out, then use a cotton swab to just get the little that is still there.
Pushed it in too far eh? Never were the same after eh? Go on...

but really
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If you were sick recently it might be that. I had the same kind of thing for a while, it scared the bejesus out of me, but it went away in a few weeks.
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