I have an Epiphone G-400 SG and a Super Champ XD and I'm not totally satisfied with the sounds I'm getting. The higher gain sounds from the Super Champ don't have much versatility and don't clean up well when I roll down the volume knob like a real tube amp would. My cleans are pretty crappy too though, but that's the fault of my SG and its pickups. I have about $250 on hand, but I would sell the SCXD if I got a new amp. Which do you think would give me the best return: Replacing the SCXD with a Blackstar HT-5 (Either the combo, half-stack, or mini stack, I dunno yet) or selling the SG (which also has a warped neck, I think) and upgrading to a more versatile guitar?
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The SG is a good guitar for what it is.

You're not satisfied with your sound. Most of it comes from your fingers, and then from your amp.

I would switch your amp if you have problems with it.
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you could fix the neck on your SG by adjusting the truss rod.

if i were you id invest in a good amp first
change the amp. higher-end guitars are more about playability and looks than sound, whereas the amp price is more sound-influenced.

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Get a new amp... a $4000 guitar will still sound like **** on a cheap amp.... You can make crappy guitars sound good on a good amp.
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You think your guitar has a warped neck and you wonder if you need an amp? If you buy a new amp I predict that you will have a honeymoon for a while and then you'll be in the market for another one. The SCXD has a while range of tones and is a very good sounding amp. Your not going to get great cleans out of a high gain amp by rolling back the volume knob. The HT-5 is a a nice amp with it's own voicing control so that's not a bad option. So if you've got gas then go for it. Buying new crap is fun. Lord knows I've done a lot of gear swaps.