This is what I've bought so far:

20ch unpowered mixer (Mackie, I think)
2 x 1000w bins
2 x 450w monitors (I want to get two more at a later stage)
2500w power amp (only 2ch, to run the front of house)
750w power amp (to run the foldbacks/sidefill)

I've got to buy mics. I'm getting wireless mics for the singers and I'm treating my drummer by buying him a drum mic kit. The way I see it, the less cables/stands, the better.

I have two questions. Have I missed anything? Is there something I've overlooked?


I know that I have to buy a rack for the amps and mixer. The problem is the mixer doesn't have holes on the side to bolt it down. Should I bolt the amps to a rack and have the mixer separate (in a road case, perhaps), or should I try to keep them all together? If so, how do you suggest I set it up?

Any advice is appreciated.
I wouldn't put the mixer on a a rack? Needs to be accessible for sound engineer or whoever

Errm...apart from that looks pretty solid - maybe a separate mixer for the monitors? But not really necessary

Does the mixer come with some effects i.e. reverb / delay? A touch always goes well on vocals
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Yeah, the mixer has an effects option. That was the first thing my singer asked about

So what your saying is its best to keep the mixer separate to the amps? This is how I see it working out in my head.

The rack with the amps stay back stage/near the stage. For this reason we wont need 'super-long' speaker leads. The mixer will go front of house, with leads running back to the amps. Is this ok?

What's your opinion of wireless mics, quality-wise? I understand that you get what you pay for, but what are the pros and cons?

I just thought of something else. Will I need a Equaliser? I don't have the funds for one yet. Is it necessary, or just an added bonus to have?
Basically, you should run leads to your amps in the rack, then run a snake to the mixer at the back of the house where the engie can hear everything. It's best to have them in a spot with good acoustics so they can adjust better, on stage they can't hear everything.
An EQ and a compressor/limiter are pretty much essential, but the mixer can cover for them if you have someone adjusting the instrument channels and watching db levels and gain and whatnot.
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Thanks, tickle.

I understand the need to have the sound guy in the back, I was more questioning whether or not to have the amps near stage, or with the mixer. But that question has been answered.
This sounds great so far. I hope your mixer has plenty of pre fade sends so you can get a monitor mix from the main desk. Otherwise you will need a separate mixer for monitoring and a way of separating signals as well as more onstage spaghetti. With 20 channels you probably won't need a separate drun mixer but if you start to run out of channels you can add this at any time.

It isn't completely clear what you mean by "bins" are these full range speakers or just the bass bins. The problem with 2500W is that it is difficult to use a passive crossover at these sort of power levels. You may need to use an active crossover and a second amp to drive the "horns" either now or later.

I am gradually building up a guide to PA in the columns but the article which deals with this sort of system is still only in draft form. If I get round to a useable version soon can I ask you to look at it and see if it would be useful?