Well, yah see, I was having trouble around here (being no bands that need guitarists or for that matter, people I wanna play with in general) finding a bunch of people to play with and maybe putting a band together.

I had no where left to turn but the pit. And oh, there will be lulz.

Anyway. So, my buddy Joey is in this band Malodorous (http://www.myspace.com/malodorousmetal), and he said my best bet would probably be to look into starting an online band. So, I figure, I'll try here first, being like-minded individuals interested in music.

The current lineup that I have secured is
Me (Guitars)
Tim Apgar (Guitars)
_______ Bass
_______ Drums
_______ Vox

Anyone interested?

We're gonna post a little bit of a song we wrote back in our old band, then y'all can just go to my profile, check out the song, jam to it and layer it under, and then send it back to me or something.

If you get that far, you might as well hit it up with me anyway, and I'll give you an email to send the stuff to.

Finally, however, is our style.

I almost want to label it as Progressive Thrash, or maybe just hard rock. I'm unsure. Tim and I play a lot of music, from Guns N Roses to Metallica to Judas Priest to Nevermore- so we're a bit diverse.

Anyway, if you're interested, post a reply.

Thanks pit
i think theres a thread somewhere on here where you post where your from and try and find other UGers near you.
Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Speakers
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I'm fairly sure there is a forum for this.


I couldn't find it =( Sorry. Point it out to me?