So my amp is making an annoying buzzing/scratchy sound when turn it up loud enough (around 5). I'm pretty sure its because the pre-amps are distorting. Can anyone confirm this, and if this is the case, how can i get rid of it? Thanks.
Is your amp solid-state or tube?
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If your amp is solid state, when you turn it up to 5, the transistors are overloading.

If your amp is tube, when you turn it up to 5, what you're experiencing is a combination of preamp and power amp saturation. If you want your amp to be cleaner, use preamp tubes with less gain than what you have in there currently (such as a 12AT7 instead of a 12AX7) or try different power tubes (ie. switching from EL34s to 6L6es) but keep in mind swapping power tubes requires rebias.

An 'annoying scratchy sound' could mean a bunch of things, by the way; your amp could be improperly grounded, its tubes could be old, it could need some electronic work, your guitar could be improperly grounded, you could be experiencing interference, your power supply could be bad (ie. dirty power)... there are alot of factors to consider here.
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I assume you'll want to increase the individual volume as much as possible and keep the master as low as possible...but don't quote me on it
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Im pretty sure i have 12ax7a's. At least thats what it says on the diagram in my amp. I bought if used so im nottt really sure. How much gain do these usually have?
And there is only one volume on my amp. I do have an OCD pedal thought and it makes the scratchy noise even worse.
if there's only one volume on your amp im not sure there is a fix for that other than getting lower gain tubes like Raijouta suggested. It'd be different if your amp and gain and master controls.

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